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Summer Sipping With Rosé

Sum­mer Sip­ping: Best Day Rosé 2021

Rosé All Day” is a cliché phrase adopt­ed by moms at the pool and ladies who lunch. How­ev­er, there’s truth in the say­ing, and we hope you’ll test the theory.

I Know I Like it, But What Exact­ly is a Rosé?
Rosé gets the name from its sig­na­ture pink col­or, achieved by allow­ing this red grape wine” to sit with the grape skin for a brief peri­od of time dur­ing the fer­men­ta­tion process — by con­trast, red wine is fer­ment­ed with the grape skins for the entire­ty of the process to achieve its deep gar­net hue. Often described as dry, crisp, and refresh­ing, the bright fla­vors of rosé wines make it the per­fect sum­mer companion.

Best Day Rosé 2021
The per­fect sum­mer sip, Thibido Winery’s Best Day Rosé 2021, is 100% Grenache rosé, boast­ing a gor­geous salmon pink col­or that com­ple­ments the sun at all angles in a beau­ti­ful sum­mer set­ting. It’s the ide­al drink choice for pool­side relax­ing as it drinks so well alone. 

Grenache rosé is sum­mer in a glass — hints of water­mel­on and straw­ber­ries on the nose, medi­um-bod­ied with per­fect nat­ur­al acid­i­ty to enjoy alone or paired with a sim­ple snack. Impress your gals by pair­ing Best Day Rosé 2021 with a var­ied char­cu­terie plat­ter, includ­ing those salty Castel­ve­tra­no Olives and some cubed cantaloupe.

Best Day Rosé was made from estate grown fruit on the Thibido Vine­yard in Paso Rob­les, grown specif­i­cal­ly for the Best Day Rosé wine and honed to per­fec­tion with an unex­pect­ed hint of spice & cit­rus. The grapes used for Best Day Rosé are trained and plant­ed specif­i­cal­ly for this wine , har­vest­ed with a low­er sug­ar con­tent to retain the nat­ur­al acid­i­ty fo the fruit. The low yield of grapes (0.25 tons per acre) ensures this wine orig­i­nat­ed from the high­est qual­i­ty fruit. After pick­ing, the fruit heads straight to the press and fer­ments and ages in neu­tral French Oak bar­rels. The 2021 vin­tage pro­duced only 45 cas­es of this scrump­tious wine. Tru­ly, Best Day Rosé is the per­fect sum­mer wine to kick off the best day.